It’s almost weekend peeps and that only means one thing - PARTY! And if you’re looking for a kickass place to make the most of this weekend then we say you head to Time Machine in Noida as these guys have something really kickass waiting up for you, check it out!

From Dubai To Delhi | The lovely peeps at Time Machine are all set to make your Saturday ah-mazing as these guys are calling in the kickass DJ Shadow all the way from Dubai to make ya all groove to his peppy and funky Bollywood tunes. Grab your beers and get ready to party guys ‘cause this party looks all things LIT! 

So put on your dancing shoes and have some great time here! 

Entry | Rs 2,000 (Fully Redeemable)
Timings | 9 PM Onwards
When | Saturday, 7th April
Where | Time Machine - Gardens Galleria, Sector 38, Noida
Call For Reservations | +91 9773 987 132, +91 9773 987 133 & +91 9773 987 134
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