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Get 16 High Quality Polaroid Snaps Delivered To Your Doorstep For *FREE* With THIS App!

Yes, you read that just right! So before you start shortlisting those 16 snaps you would want to turn into polaroids, let us tell you what you gotta do to get your hands on them! It’s a super easy and quick process which promises a very satisfactory product at the end.

Tell Us More | There are enough good things to be said for SnapStore. What’s that you ask? Well it’s a mobile photo printing app that helps you print all those photographs stored in your phone’s memory or even the ones up on your Facebook & Instagram accounts with a few quick taps on your phone. *Nice*

Here’s How It’s Done | All you gotta do is download the app and upload the images of your choice onto their app, decide on the format & design and use the code “myfirstsnaps” during checkout and that’s it! SnapStore does the rest for you AND delivers those memories to your doorstep! Super, eh?

What’s more, you can even choose the finish of the final product and get your hands on them in the most convenient and economical way. 

That’s more than enough to preserve those memories, right? Then get to it RN!

Offer Valid Till | 31st August
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