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Gathering Together Fashionistas & The Quirky Brands They Lust After, Here's The Parade!

August is a month simply bursting at the seams with exhibitions, and here’s another unique one that you just can't miss out on! Organised by a creative and young group of girls with an eye for everything fashion, The Parade! brings a platform for all fashion enthusiasts to connect. It's an event where various unique designers will showcase their collections for us shoppers to go gaga over!

What’s in Store | Yummy detox juices by ANTIDOTE, summery floral dresses by Prink Tonic, bold and authentic jewellery by Ritika Sachdeva, Indian wear by Faabiiana, chic footwear by Crimzon and clothing by international brand Shoogar, besides loads more. Basically from chappals to clothing to juices to jewellery - they have 'em all! 

Check out this exhibition at The Lodhi and come wallow in some retail therapy!

Where | The Lodhi Hotel, Lodhi Road
When | Tuesday, 16th August
Timings | 11 AM - 7 PM
Entry | Free
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