Gather Your Bhukkad Friends & Head Over To This Fab Buffet-Style Eatery In Rajouri For Your Fill!

So Delhi 1 Sept 2017

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Tired of dropping by at the same ol’ Delhi cafes and want to explore something different this time? Band Baaja Baaraat is here to the rescue! From beer to biryani, come along with your #squad to this ritzy place and satisfy your appetite from the wide range of street food, Chinese, North Indian and even paan to choose from. 

And, uh, did we mention their variety of healthy smoothies and various other drinks you can glug down? From Mango Mint & Basil Smoothie to Masala Jamun (jamun juice with mint and spices) for prices less than 200 bucks, can this place be given a miss? We think not! So even if you are a  fitness lover, you now don’t need to wait for your cheat day to visit this place and enjoy its varietal delicacies. 

Apart from the super fruity and healthy drinks to choose from, they also offer mouth watering Afghani Paneer, Spring Rolls, Golgappe and what not to choose from. The best part is that you can get unlimited helpings of all their delightful dishes ‘cause they offer you a heaping buffet at less than Rs 600 (veg and non-veg) on any given day! 

So plan your next #SquadOuting today at Band Baaja Baaraat, Rajouri Garden. Seeya there, hungry plates in hand!

Where | Band Baaja Baaraat - A-6, Ground Floor, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden
Price Per Head | Rs 549 Onwards
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