Picture Credits: @foodswaggers

Shri Bankey Bihari Brijwasi Rasgulle Wala - as interesting as the name sounds, it’s time to go check out this hidden gem’s Bread Pakoras! Just a picture is making us drool like a baby! Bread pakoras have always been a crowd favorite amongst Delhiites. Whether it’s a rainy morning or a windy evening, this snack is yummy at all times. 

For 50 bucks here you’ll get two scrumptious pieces of Bread Pakora that are totally delicious and a favourite among all those who’ve ever visited this eatery! 

Apart from Bread Pakoras, you can also nibble on Rasgulla (ofc!), Gulab Jamun, Tikki Chole, Kachoris and a whole bunch of other Indian sweets and snacks! 

We can’t wait to go try it out! 

Price | Rs 50 (Per Plate)
Where | D-128, Kamla Nagar