You might assume that the answer to achieve that much-desired combination of a healthy and glowing skin can be found in products offered by the heavily advertised brands, without taking into account the enormous levels of chemicals they bear. However, you know that they are definitely not the solution for a radiant skin in the long term!

Fuschia being the brainchild of a team of doctors, ensures that its products are devoid of detrimental chemicals and only use ingredients that are skin friendly and eco friendly.

Skin friendly range | From soaps, lip balms, serums, day creams, bath salts, moisturizers to face and body scrubs, they've got an extensive collection for you to choose from.

Their products are infused with classic fruity and floral fragrances to make your skin soft and supple. They've also got a special designer range and a herbal one. Sorting all your needs, Fuschia needs to be tried!

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