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Fulfill All Your Meat & Seafood Cravings - Order Up From Meatigo For Some Quality Treats!

When on a meat shopping spree, you may find the commonly consumed chicken and mutton at your go-to meat stores, but do the otherwise delectable meaty and quality eats like bacon and pork come your way often?! Maybe not, right?

We’re also almost always worried about the quality and hygiene of the meaty products at local shops but we finally have a fix for you where the knowledge of products, temperature control and handling of products is given adequate importance! Read on to know more.

Offering a substantial variety and quality meats fresh from handpicked farms, Meatigo is the convenient way to go!

Meatigo is more than an online meat shop - it’s a quest for them to ensure their customers get the best selection of quality meats at their doorstep. *Woohoo*

What’s So Special | Creating meaty memories for all you meat lovers, this portal pays full focus on packaging and hygiene while ensuring proper handling, quality and safety of products. No compromises there! 

Meatigo wants to give you the best meat and hence are super careful about where they source their products from. They personally check, taste and finally source their selections from the best of farms & trusted partners and are confident that their meat is delicious. After all, the taste, the flavour and the tenderness make all the difference! 

Meat For All | Meatigo has something for every meat lover. From Sushi Grade Salmon, Kebabs, Bacon, Pepperoni Mutton Cuts, Meatballs, Farm Fresh Chicken to Turkey, etc. and everything is vacuum packed! They are also delivered chilled so customers get the best quality, taste and hygiene. Nice.

They've got free home delivery (OMG!) whereby you can handily schedule your delivery too. Do expect your product at the right time and at the right temperatures!

Also, these guys are so confident about their quality that if you're not satisfied you can just exchange it or get a full refund too! We're in - how about you?

P.S. They are available in Delhi & Gurgaon and are now serving in Mumbai as well!

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