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Frozen Pan in Kamla Nagar is Dishing up Awesome Ice Cream Rolls We're Lovin'!

Ice cream rolls are all the new rage lately, and the newbie, Frozen Pan in Kamla Nagar is here to give you DU Wallahs a taste of these enticing frozen treats!

Flavours to Relish | They've got a tempting range of flavours to choose from, including Rose Paan, Banoffee Pie, Mr Brownie, Cookie Crush, Choco Berry, Mango Mania and the list just goes on!

Their ice cream rolls start from Rs 69.

Apart from the ice cream rolls, you should also go in for their irresistible range of shakes like Crunchy Caramel, Dark Magic and Nutty Nutella. *Drool*

Find Them Here | 3, Block UB, Jawahar Nagar, Kamla Nagar