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From Philadelphia Straight to HKV | Grab Hoagies @ Pat 'N' Harry's This Weekend

Coming in all the way from Philadelphia to HKV, Pat ‘N’ Harry has come to town to take you on a Hoagie adventure! Let’s dish all the deets, shall we?

Aimed at offering yummy, quick bites, they’ve got a pretty choice menu that’s got Pat’s Hoagies, Harry’s Tacos and Philly’s Fries to choose from (awesome!) If you think hoagies is a made-up dish, then let us enlighten you on that front! Hoagies are large loaves of Philadelphian bread loaded with chargrilled meats. Ah, where have you been all this time!

We say their Philly Chicken Strips and Cheesy Fries top their menu so simply head on over and order up. A delicious meal for two here would cost around Rs 350.

Where It’s Opened Up | 30, Hauz Khas Village