So Delhi

From May Onwards, You Can Handily Swipe Your Metro Smart Cards On Buses Too!

In the coming month of May, Delhi might soon become the first city in the country to have a common transport card! Yes, making things easier for the aam janta, the Delhi Metro Smart Card will soon be applicable for use in DTC and cluster buses as well. Nice! 

The common card, which will be redesigned, shall have a common usage feature for all means of public transport. Basically - a simple swipe and you’re good to go! The recently installed electronic ticket machines on buses will be compatible with this card. 

The Delhi Metro data states that there are about 27-30 lakh commuters when it comes to the Metro and 70% of these commuters use smart cards. These existing smart cards will be open to usage by bus commuters, plus new ones would also be issued. 

Several names have been suggested for this card - Yaatri is one of the most popular one as of now! Sounds cool right?  

Sourced Via Times Of India