Dilli Glutton

#FriesForLife: A Crazy Fries Joint Is About To Hit NSP & We're Already In Love!

Is it fries before guys for you? Just like us, are fries your all-time go to comfort food? Then you will be crazy excited to know that Californian Classics are making their way to Delhi and oh boy do their fries look WOW!! 

For fries lovers, Delhi recently has had some new brands pop up like Potet, but there’s nothing like another all-out fries based brand that’s stepping foot in the city to feed hungry Delhiites. Whether you like your fries curly or straight, they’ve got them all but with something super special too - they pour a big dollop of super flavourful gravy on top of their fries! And that’s what makes ‘em so special!! 

Right now word around the block is only that they’re opening an outlet in NSP, stay tuned for further deets! 

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