Always been envious of your friend's pooch frolicking around the place? It's time to coax your parents into getting yourself a four-legged friend now!

Friendicoes has tied up with Puppychino and put some of their doggies up for adoption. So you can show up this weekend and pick out a cutie-pie for yourself. 

Much to our disappointment, Puppychino’s mascots Boho & Simba will be absent (to make it a little less confusing, you see!). Also there will be no on-the-spot adoption as house checking and further verification processes would be conducted, so that their pooches go to the right homes.

So go get yourself a four-legged companion, people!

Where | Puppychino, 119, Near UCO Bank, Shahpur Jat
When | 9th - 10th July
Timings | 1 PM - 6 PM
Entry | Free