Dilli Glutton

Fresh & Tasty Meals Right at Your Doorstep, Thanks to Fresh Menu

Fresh Menu is a food ordering app that delivers delicious and healthy food to different parts of Delhi NCR and the good part is that they promise to deliver the food within 45 minutes of ordering. So now you don’t have to stand in queues to eat a yummy meal, just on the click of a button *or two* it’ll be delivered straight to you!

Their menu is very hyper local and it changes depending on where you are. They’ve got everything from appetizers, salads, sandwiches, full bowl meals and desserts, everything on a daily rotating menu!

Order Up | Gnocchi Peppery Arrabiata, Mapo Tofu with Rice, Tangy Parsley Crusted Fish, Pan- Seared Mustard Chicken, Tomato Soup, Schezwan Chicken Burger and German Cheesecake among the many more items available! 

You can order from their online webpage or via their app - we know we shall be doing so shortly!

Order Online At | https://freshmenu.com/