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Free WiFi For All! East Delhi's Gonna be Getting Around 1,000 New Hot Spot Zones by The End of 2016

One of the key reasons behind the masses voting in favour of our current, firebrand CM Arvind Kejriwal (at least the youth) was his promise of providing free WiFi across the capital. Although we hadn't expected this to actually materialize so soon, the movement has started and they're not just taking baby steps!

The Delhi Government has decided upon over 500 pre-identified locations in East Delhi which will have around 1,000 hot spot zones that'll cater to approximately 1,20,000 people at any given time. Woah!

As you must have guessed, the high speed 3G available will be limited for every user, but the government hasn't yet decided what to cap it at, so we're still keeping our fingers crossed. Bring it on!

Tipped Off By | NDTV