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Free Trials, Custom-Fitted Tuxes, Suits & Great Service is What Tailor Me Now is All About

An ill-fitting blazer or tux is nothing short of a fashion disaster. So rather than making a long-term investment and being stuck with an unsuited outfit, you can just opt for Tailor Me Now and get fashion consultants at your doorstep to assist you.

How It Works | As you sign up for a Tailor Me Now suit, a master tailor accompanied by a fashion consultant will come knocking at your door. Another great feature about these folks is that they provide a free trial at first, which means you can get anything altered if it's ill-fitted.

Delivering within 7 days, these guys are operating all over Delhi and NCR. From a ravishing Charcoal Black men's suit to classic women's shirts they've got you all covered!

Go book the service and shine in your radiant new suit!

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