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Free Sheesha in The Afternoons, a Pool Table & Dart Board - Say Hello to Game Of Legends in Rajouri!

Who's longing for a night out full of playing pool, throwing darts, glugging down chilled beers and puffing away smokes of cloud with a sheesha? If the mere thought of this brightened up your mood, let us get you acquainted with Game Of Legends!

If you've got a better place in mind, you need to switch to Game of Legends, as they're offering free sheesha everyday from 12-3 PM. Yes, we got completely blown away by this awesome offer too!

The only catch is that there's a 500 bucks cover per head, and you're only allowed one sheesha per table. So go in with a small group and enjoy it to the fullest!

Exactly Where It's Located | City Square Mall, Rajouri Garden