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FREE Bira 91 & Waffle Eating Challenge: 6 Insane Deals To Make The Most Of @ Horn OK Please

Guys, the most awaited food festival is here and we’re over the top excited to tell you about the crazy deals that’re gonna go down! Yes, Pepsi presents Horn OK Please, Delhi’s Original Food Truck Fest, is not just going to be your go-to for all things food and drinks, but they’ve also upped the game a notch by cooking up some crazy AF deals! 

There’s 6 of them and they’re all one better than the other. So while you’re chilling at the festival and enjoying the yummy smoked meats from the 60 foot long BBQ trailer, or delicacies from the 40+ food trucks, gorging on the 50+ waffle varieties and shopping from the Quirk Bazaar, here’s some more things to look out for at the fest!

1. FREE Beer For The First 91 People On 5th November 

First up, giving you a major reason to be standing at the opening gates before 11 AM to make sure you’re the first ones in, Bira 91 is giving free beer to the first 91 people that hit the bar on 5th November! With so much food to gorge on, a pint of chilled beer is all that we’re actually looking for. Bira 91 will also be setting up a special beer garden for the very first time, folks! 

When | Sunday, 5th November
Timings | 11 AM Onwards 
Applicable At | Bira 91 Bar 

2. Crazy Hookah Battle Off

Making this outing even better is Hookah Craft who is not only exhibiting their Russian hookahs but is also hosting a crazy hookah battle! You can register as an individual sheesha master or as a team of up to 4 members. All you gotta do is prepare a hookah for the members of the jury who will evaluate it based on flavour, appeal etc. The only bar here is that you’ve got to be 18+ years of age, and that’s it! 

The first step is that you’ve got to book your ticket to Horn OK Please from the link given below! The 2nd step is that you’ve got to register for the Hookah Battle on the link given below. Third, Hookah Craft will get in touch with you post the registration for the payment process for the same. P.S. - There’s prizes upto Rs 10,000 to be won! 

When | Saturday, 4th November 
Timings | 11:30 AM Onwards 
Applicable At | Hookah Craft’s Arena 
Register Online Here |

3. Free Bira 91 Of Your Choice @ The Bira 91 Light Lunch On 5th November

Bira 91 is like a knight in shining armour for us - or more like knight trapped in a chilled bottle sporting a cutesy monkey! For those lazy peeps who can’t make it for the first deal that Bira 91’s got, here’s another one. They’ve got a Light Lunch Hour where the first 91 peeps that visit the Bira bar between 12:30 - 1:30 PM on 5th November will get a free Bira 91 of their choice! Awyeah!

When | Sunday, 5th November
Timings | 12:30 - 1:30 PM
Applicable At | Bira 91 Bar 

4. Free & Unlimited Waffle Eating Challenge

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The Waffle House is hosting a CRAZY Waffle Eating Competition at the event and it’s going to be SOOOO awesome! Head on over to their stall on Day 1 i.e. 4th of November, Saturday, between 12:30 - 1:30 PM and take part in this competition to complete for the crown of the Waffle King or Queen *crazy, happy grins*! 

The competition is simple as anything, all you gotta do is stuff your faces with as many waffles as possible within 3 minutes for free! Yep, you get only 3 minutes! There’s on the spot registration, so head on over people!

When | Saturday, 4th November 
Timings | 12:30 - 1:30 PM 
Applicable At | The Waffle House’s Stall 

5. Free Bira 91 Pints During The Spice Hour On 5th November

Bira 91 strikes again! For those visiting the event in the evening, don’t worry about missing out on the earlier deals, because there’s one more deal awaiting ya. So the first 91 peeps at the Bira Spice BBQ stall between 5 - 6 PM on 5th November will get a Bira IPA FREE! Sweet! Looks like we’re gonna be chugging a lot of beer at this event! 

When | Sunday, 5th November 
Timings | 5 - 6 PM 
Applicable At | Bira Spice BBQ Stall 

6. Me Waffle N More - Buy One Get One Free 

Waffles are a personal fave for any time of the day or night, and thus here’s a deal that’s going to blow your mind! Me Waffle N More is offering a Buy One Get One Free deal to the first 50 people that visit their stall on Saturday, i.e. 4th of November! So not just one, now you can gorge on two of their delicious waffles for the price of one! YAY! 

When | Saturday, 4th November 
Timings | 11 AM Onwards
Where | Me Waffle N More’s Stall 

Seems like everything is sorted for this event now! Book your tickets right away Delhizens!

Dates | Saturday & Sunday, 4th & 5th November
Timings | 11 AM - 10 PM
Location | Gate No. 14, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium 
RSVP On FB Here |
Buy Your Tickets Online Here |

Tickets will also be available at the venue!