For Your Next Cards Party, Go Flaunt These Pretty & Funky Tassel Earrings, Ladies

Style Scout 6 Oct 2017

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Get into the festive spirit ladies, and complete your outfit with some beautiful and funky earrings from One Nought One One that we’re totally lovin’! <3 

Tassel earrings in a lot of funky colours to match your festive outfit, this brand has some super chic ones that we’ve ordered and can’t wait to show off. With brass inclusions here and there giving the earrings a unique outlook altogether, accompanied by the colourful tassels, these accessories will totally liven up any simple outfit too! 

Pink, maroon, red, blue and green, you name it and they’ve got an accessory in every colour! Whether you like yours with a lot of tassels or with super long or shorter ones depending on your face cut, these guys have ‘em all. Plus, they’ve finally started shipping to Delhi too! So we’re ordering some right away! 

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