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For When Your Life Is Falling Apart: Fur Ball Story Will Make You Feel Better With Pet Therapy!

If you’re having a bad, bad day and all you need is some puppy-lovin’ but can’t really bring one home for good, then Fur Ball Story is going to be on your speed dial from now! 

In 2016, Gurugram-based lawyer Animesh Katiyar, law student Srishti Sharma and designer Arushi Dixit teamed up to launch Fur Ball Story, an initiative that brings therapy dogs to anyone who needs them. It’s proven that absenteeism can be seen decreasing among people after a session of puppy therapy and thus, you need to call ‘em over right away! 

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The pups part of this organisation at Fur Ball Story are seven-month-old Golden Retriever Angel (aww), six-month-old Shih Tzu Cocoa and four-month-old Labrador Muffin! Sweet! They visit homes, hospitals, corporate houses, colleges, offices - pretty much every place possible! 

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