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For Unique, Beautifully Intricate & Fabulous Notebooks, Our Top Pick is Mug aur Mooch!

Mug aur Mooch is a quirky brand which is all about funky handmade notebooks! Mug represents the morning coffee, and Mooch represents royal pride, and that's how Mug aur Mooch came to be!

The creative team behind Mug aur Mooch make handmade stationery products using skilful traditional Indian techniques. This brand is the birthchild of Anushri, a corporate lawyer-turned-designer and Akshay, an IIT graduate.

They have super cute notebooks adorned with sequins, some with neon pages, and another set with interesting thought bubbles on the cover! Nice.

Their notebooks are priced at Rs. 199 onwards.

These notebooks are created by underprivileged women of Bangalore, so every time you purchase a notebook, you’re helping these ladies feed their families! 

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