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For The Love of Art + Food, Baarique Brings to us Beautiful & Unique Crockery

Influenced by the Indian culture, music and art, Baarique was developed to create state of the art pieces. The utensils are chosen from special metal smiths of UP and Rajasthan, and then adorned with beautiful traditional handpainted designs. Wow!

What’s New | For the love of art and food, Baarique brings to us unique crockery items in metal, which have been intricately hand painted by artists in Jaipur. Co-founders Malika Budhiraj and Surkhi Matharu themselves put in major effort into the whole process of getting these products made. 

A variety of metals are used like kansas, brass and copper to make these products, which are further painstakingly hand-painted. 

They’ve been featured in the Hindustan Times as well as Vogue (omg!), and are doing fabulous things for themselves! Go check out their collection and see for yourself. 

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