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For The Ladies Who Weave Word Magic: Check Out The Women Writers' Fest 2017 Y'All!

A festival specially for women writers, how great does that sound? 

SheThePeople and Vedica Scholars Programme for Women has organised the Women Writers’ Festival 2017 and it’s gonna be THE place for aspiring women writers in the city! By providing a platform for them to discuss issues that shape the professional woman of the 21st century and what all difficulties they face in the workplace. Nice.

The main focus here will be on women in the workplace, simply because these days, you’ll find them ladies competing with men at the same level, if not better, when it comes to keeping up with and performing at their jobs. Discussions will be had on ways to inspire more and more women to follow their dreams and not just sit back and let ‘em go by! 

The work of various non-fiction writers, business journalists and academic enthusiasts, they’ll all together shed light on the changing landscape for women when it comes to assorted professions. So come join in, and do not miss out on this great venture! 

When | 24th & 25th February
Where | Sri Aurobindo Centre For Arts And Communication, Adchini 
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