Often the real creativity behind gifting lies in the packaging, and no matter how thoughtful your gift maybe, everybody can't ace the presentation. For that, you've got Playing With Paper that's got unique and exclusive gift packaging you'll adore!

These guys have just opened a brand new store in CP, and it's exactly as cute as it looks. They've got loads of paper products and gifting options, so whether you want a tiny bauble packed or an entire gift hamper prepared, Playing With Paper should be your only pit stop for supplies.

They also offer party decor and other assorted goodies, so there are no hassles and you guys are all sorted for that special occasion. So if you're planning a hog session or shopping spree in CP, look out for their store in F Block!

Head On Over | F - 12, Inner Circle, CP
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/pwpbypoojadass/