Paper is our thing. We wanna heart every stationery item that’s papermade. We have our reasons you know - think of myriad colours from soft pastels to pop shades. Think of prints and textures, think of journals and love letters but most of all think of the beauty that only paper can model. Are you as much of a paper-zealot like us? Then here’s some good news for y'all!

We happened to chance upon this cutesy online store that sells such quirky stationery items & we’re in love! They have some creative designs to offer and all of it is available at very affordable prices. They believe everyone must be a proud owner of cute stationery and we love 'em for it!

USP | We’ve become a fan of their floral designs and we hear that their fabric covered boxes & jewellery boxes sell like hot cakes! *No Wonder* but the best part, fabric + paper = super cute products that are eco-friendly AND reusable too! *YAS*.

Cheggit Out | You gotta check out their Diaries, Planners, To Do Lists, Gift/Storage Boxes, Jewellery Boxes, Personalized Money Envelopes and Gift Tags, Gift Bags, Wine Bags, Wrapping Papers and Folders etc.

Get ready to fall in LOVE! 

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