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For Cutesy Bollywood Bow-Ties & Tons More Fun Merch, Check Out The Funny Bone

Phone covers that say ‘Follow Your Fart’ or ‘Nothing Gory Means No Glory’ and mugs saying ‘Coffee Makes Me Poop’, for all these goodies and lots more cool merch, go hit up The Funny Bone! An online store that's all about quirky merch, we're lovin' this one guys.

Check out The Funny Bones’ online store if you’re looking for some graphic tees, phone covers, mugs, laptop covers or bow ties, because they’ve literally got it all! They’ve even got Bollywood bow ties with movie posters as the print, ikat print shoes and beer mugs that say ‘This Beard Needs Beer’! This is just so cool y'all.

Their iPhone covers are priced at Rs 499 apiece.

Go shop a lil guys!

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