Flowers, cakes, cards, showpieces - all are passe! This Mother’s Day, we’re really falling short of cool and innovative gift ideas for mommy darling. So what do we do? *Uh oh!* But hey, wait! What’s this offer by BookChor for Mother’s Day?!

Books Make For The Best Gifts | BookChor just scooted in as our saviour by giving us insane gift options! So no regular joe gifts this time, a bunch of delightful reads it is! And why not? These guys have come up with some mind-blowing deals for their Mother’s Day weekend sale, with upto 78% off on select books, 100% cashback on 2 lucky orders above Rs 678 and spotlight books flat at Rs 55! 

AND, a blind date with a book above Rs 548, where you get to be set up with a book based on just the genre while the name and author is kept hidden. Phew! 

These awesome deals start today people, so go splurge on all the titles you think your mom wants to read! Scram!

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