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For Everything From Iron-On Patches To Handbags To Jewellery: We're Loving Eristona!

Based in New Delhi, Eristona being the all-new buzz in the fashion industry, is the epitome of affordable and effortless style! Carefully curated by Shagun Chadha, this online store is the perfect mix of pieces from all around the world along with exclusive collections by the designer herself. *Nice*

Blending contemporary styles with the age-old concept of personal adornment, Eristona offers a wide range of *all things special*. From Designer Costume Jewellery to fashion accessories for all girls and women - exquisite designs and products like necklaces, earrings & bags to unique product categories like iron-on patches & headgear - they house everything that a lady craves to possess! In fact, overall, their website gives you the option to choose from over 1,500 products.

They don’t just limit themselves to women's jewellery & accessories, but also have a collection of beauty accessories too (yes, get your hands on fun beauty sponges & more here!). They have an epic collection of men's jewellery & accessories as well! From bracelets & cufflinks to pocket squares and suspenders, their collection entails something for everyone.

Looking for a fun gift for a loved one? They'll curate and customize special hampers to cater to your needs as well!

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