For Beautifully Intricate & Arabic-Architecture Inspired Mehendi, Book Toko Mehndi!

So Delhi 14 Oct 2016

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Toko Mehndi is a mehendi art form introduced by Josje, a foodie, world traveller, animal lover and mehendi artist. She travels the world showcasing her henna art to the entire world and she’s visiting India soon too!

Her mehendi patterns are inspired by Arabic architecture, the Tibetan mandalas and the wall paintings and wood carvings in Hindu temples. Wow. Josje will be visiting Delhi as a part of her world tour and we’d suggest you book her asap if you’re looking for some beautiful henna magic! 

She specialises in bridal mehendi, product-based mehendi, murals and general non-occasional mehindi. 

Let’s step into the wonderful world of pretty henna and have some beautiful designs adorn your hands! *Raises hands in approval* 

Stay tuned for further deets!

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