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For All The Handsome Hunks - Ezzo's a Subscription Box Service Just For You!

There have been subscription boxes concerning women, food, magazines and pretty much everything, but never has there been one just for men! So here we are introducing Ezzo Box - the one stop subscription box for all the handsome men out there.

What’s in The Box | Most men don’t have enough choices when it comes to their accessories, but Ezzo Box is an awesome webstore where you can get everything from cufflinks to sunglasses, bracelets, ties and grooming products delivered right to your house! 

You can choose a single one-time box, or a 3-month or 6-month subscription. The box will include 4-5 different products and every month there'll be something more unique than the previous box. Cool, eh? 

The starting price for a subscription box is Rs 649 onwards. 

Girls, subscribe to these for your boys, or boys just do it yourself - but don’t miss out on it! 

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