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#FoodReviewing: We Went on a Delicious Culinary Journey to Europe With Q Bistro - Come Along!

While Delhi can definitely not be categorized as the premier haven serving truly authentic, conventional European meals, we can always give it a try, can’t we? That’s what this cutesy French cafe Q Bistro is doing and we must say, it’s doing a pretty neat job! Established in the bylanes of Janakpuri, Q Bistro is one of the most exquisite bistros in town. The head chef and owner Dhruv Relan is very much determined to give us a little tour of Europe through his mastery in food!

Just as you enter this quaint bistro, what you observe is the menu lovingly penned on a chalk-board and as you move along, there’s a wall dedicated to jazz music and showcases a love for Paris. While the interiors are simple yet elegant, you’ll definitely feel a warmth in the vibe of the cafe. That’s due in part to the staff being very welcoming and gracious.

This bistro is unique in its own way as they try to use minimum mass-produced products from the market. So that’s why most of their items/ingredients are prepared in-house. From bread to chocolate to cakes, everything is prepared in-house, giving it a thoroughly personal touch. While they get their coffee from Karnataka, the cocoa to prepare chocolate is bought in from Germany (nice!). So everything here is prepared fresh. And that’s why the menu here is compact but will definitely serve you some of your favourite dishes. Also, the pricing won’t hurt your pocket that’s for sure!

So here’s our little tour of Europe through Q Bistro:

Non Veg Bruschetta

Buttery in-house bread with toppings as varied as chicken, mutton and olives, it’s one of the most scrumptious bruschettas we have ever tasted! And as soon as we took a bite, it melted in the mouth because of the dollops of cheese perched on top. Being flavoursome, it was completely fresh and crispy, exactly how a bruschetta should be like! 

Coffee Latte

There’s nothing better than a hot cup of latte to accompany some crispy, fresh bruschetta, now is there? While it was the perfect blend of coffee and cream, it was the lightest coffee ever and we can swear by that! The cocoa powder sprinkled on top brings out the flavour of the freshly brewed coffee. With colder days ahead, a latte sounds just perfect, doesn’t it?

Pizza Casmn

One word that comes to mind after seeing this pizza is thin-crust. The in-house pizza base, prepared without any yeast, is crunchy, cheesy and not chewy at all! And that’s not even the best part. The toppings of bell peppers and sun-dried tomatoes makes it even more exquisite. The sun dried tomatoes give it the perfect amount of tanginess and flavour. Go try!

Brownie Shake

A chilled chocolate brownie shake is never a bad option, so that’s why we went ahead and tried the thickest, yet smoothest shake. Needless to say, it had truck loads of chocolate but like we always say - chocolate never hurts (ever)! With a nutty taste and oodles of crushed brownies, it was exceptionally sweet and very fulfilling. Slurp slurp! And we must warn you, it’s pretty heavy so order accordingly!

Veg Lasagna

And while we sipped on the yummy brownie shake, we were presented with sheets of velvety smooth butyraceous pasta, combined seamlessly with mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers and baby corn, which simply made our mouths water! Well, that’s lasagna for you With the generous helpings of cheese, we got no complaints. While it had the perfect blend of spices, there was a noticeable amount of black pepper which definitely cranked it up a notch! The creamy blend of veggies and cheese made it a real smooth dish!

And no meal is ever complete without desserts, now is it?

Walnut Brownie

Heaps upon heaps of chocolate (yay!) and soft and nutty brownies topped with vanilla ice cream, that’s what a heavenly dessert is made of! And without a doubt, it was the most chocolate-y dessert ever. While you might think that this was just a normal chocolate brownie, the walnuts held within give it a special crunch and the sprinkles on top definitely give it varied colors, making it delicious and beautiful at the same time!

So what are you waiting for peeps? Head over to Q Bistro for a magical European food journey. Bon appetit!

Meal For Two | Rs 600
Location | C4-D/56-A, Janakpuri