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#FoodReviewing! We Just Loved All Their Perfect Imperfections - Less Than Perfect, SDA

We’ve always heard the phrase, “Less than perfect” in a sarcastic way. However, this café going by the exact same name, gave it a new meaning altogether! LTP, being the epitome of the most perfect imperfections, is located in SDA market on the fourth floor. The entrance is on the backside of the market, from where the stairs guide your way to the café. The prima facie view of the place tends to bring a twinkle to your eyes, owing to the breathtaking ambience and the very subtle, yet stunning layout.

Upon entering, one will notice gigantic beige colored sofas and seats laid out in the center, possessing a capacity of around 5-10 people (reminded us of the famed F.R.I.E.N.D.S. couch). On the right, the café has seating laid out for smaller sets of people. On the left, the area is reserved for party purposes, holding a capacity of about 15-20 souls. Just to the right of the entrance is the drinks counter shelling out some amazing genres of beverages. One of the most striking features is the presence of large glass windows, giving a spectacular view of the city. Bliss does get a new meaning when you’re seated near the window, sipping your favorite drink, witnessing the changes that occur every second. Being at the top floor does have its own perks, huh? *Wink wink!*

Letting the feel of the place sink in, we smilingly ordered the following:

Desi Minestrone

A normal tomato-based soup served with a small bun is what we would have called it from the first view. However, the first sip made us realize the distinctive feature of the soup, which was the use of multiple spices, compelling it to become more tempting with every sip. The texture was perfect, the aroma was mouth-watering, and the taste was honeyed yet acerbic at the same time. A winter evening and this dish marked the perfect start to our meal!

Chinese Chicken Soup

This variant of soup also interested us owing to the ample amount of ingredients used by the chef to create this masterpiece. Broccoli, cabbage, carrots, corn, spring onions, mushrooms and celery were chopped and boiled with minced chicken. The use of soya sauce and vinegar played a vital role in optimizing the taste of this dish. The use of coriander for garnishing made it even more appetizing. Definitely go in for this if you’re a soup-loving soul!

Mezze Platter

We were exultant to just witness this creation heading towards us! A small portion of tortilla chips, two pieces each of grilled soya chaap, veg pockets and veg kebabs, a falafel roll and pita bread were served with a salad alongside. Nope, we’re not done just yet! Also, hummus, tzatziki, baba ganoush and tabbouleh were the four types of dips that tagged along (wow!).

All the dips and pita breads were made by the chef, so no wonder they were so fresh and scrumptious! The filling of crushed and pan-fried paneer along with minced onions, tomatoes and capsicums with a hint of mayo in the falafel rolls left us mesmerized! The soya chaap was squishy, and evenly cooked. The veg pockets were a smaller version of spring rolls and the veg kebabs reminded us of the sumptuous hara bhara kebabs. Nicely done, LTP!

LTP Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken breast, mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables with hummus and pita bread would sum up this dish best. The succulent chicken was grilled with expertise, before being tossed in peri peri sauce retaining a spicy flavor that lingers on. The veggies were evenly boiled and were totally toothsome when dipped in hummus. The pita bread was nice and fresh owing to proper fermentation of the dough.

Murgh Malai Tikka

Brownie points for the presentation of this dish go to LTP. The chicken was cooked on a tandoor before being tossed in the creamy sauce. Served with a sweet and sour dip and a small portion of french fries, we found the chicken to be well-marinated, tender and juicy. The essence of spices used in the marination could be easily relished in every bite. The character of the chicken was very well maintained by the chef, leaving us completely satiated!

Watermelon Slush

Crushed ice, watermelon pulp and sugar syrup when blended together and topped with exotic fruits like strawberries and green apples, would result in this rejuvenating drink! You may have to wait for the crushed ice to melt down a bit before actually gaining its true essence, but it was totes yummy to say the least.

Ferrero Shake

How come this drink took so much time to be known to mankind? This shake premiers on our list of the most amazing shakes of all time! 5 Ferrero Rochers are blended with milk to create happiness served in the form of this shake. It’s served with whipped cream and a half piece of FR on top. For those who have an insatiable sweet tooth, feel free to ask the staff for sugar to be added. The shake is mildly sweet and the spirit of FR persists right till the end!

Speaking overall, the place boasts of serving fresh, palatable and mouth-watering food and we totally second that belief! Astounding quantity, breathtaking quality, pocket-friendly prices and plenty of marvelous memories is what you can expect here. Have a jolly good time and thank us later!

Meal For Two | Rs 900
Location | C 1-2, 3rd Floor, SDA Market