Dilli Glutton

Foodies, Check Out These 5 Offbeat State Bhawans You Probably Haven't Tried But Should!

Living in the capital of the country has its own benefits! Apart from what every other metropolitan has to offer such as cafes, bars, and hip nightlife, Delhi gives you a chance to explore something which no other city offers. The capital, often criticized for not having a culture of its own, ironically hosts the houses and cultural centers of all the states and union territories of India. 

Sprawling from Lutyens’ Delhi area from Prithviraj Road to Kautilya Marg, most of the states have their own State Bhawans in this stretch. What we have here is 5 of the best, handpicked State Bhawans for you to try out the next time you want to break out of the rut and try something offbeat!