All across the world it’s drilled into motorists to follow the road signs and rules given to them, but in Delhi, doing so may land you in jail guys! 

Nearly 70% of such road signs are wrongly placed or designed which lands people into trouble a lot of times because they religiously follow the same. A study conducted by the Delhi-based Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE), it found that out of around 1,514 regulatory, warning and information signages on the surveyed stretch, 1,098 (75%) do not meet the prescribed norms. Damn this sucks! 

Depending on the category they fit in, these signs are of various shapes, sizes and colours. But the worrying matter here is that in Delhi they’ve been interchangeably used, which leads to misleading a lot of motorists and contributing to accidents! 

Similarly, it was also found that most of the primary and secondary traffic signals at intersections were not functioning as per the prescribed standards or were wrongly installed.

So we’d suggest you keep your eyes open and your sixth sense in the game, because you literally gotta be ‘Street Smart’! 

Sourced Via Economic Times