Fly To Europe @ The Rock Bottom Price Of Rs 12,000 One Way - Here's How This Is Possible!

Wandering Nomad 5 Sept 2017

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Travel enthusiasts, it’s finally time to live up to that ‘Wanderlust’ tattoo on your shoulder and head on over to Europe for the trip of a lifetime as ticket prices are soon going to drop down as low as 12,000 bucks one way! OMG! 

Yes you heard it right, Singapore based low-budget airline Scoot’s got some amazing offers that are giving us travel goals right now. Their lowest fare bucket is right now from Mumbai to Copenhagen, priced between Rs 12,000 - 13,000 ONLY! And this includes 20kg baggage plus a meal on the flight! 

Even though this pricing is for one way fare, the whole round trip will still cost you a lot less than what it would have otherwise! According to the head of Scoot India, the round trip should cost you 26,000 bucks, unlike the substantial Rs 45,000 that you’d have to shell out otherwise!

That’s HALF the usual price guys!! OMG! Sounds cool to us, we’re booking tickets to Switzerland as soon as these tickets are up because we really want our DDLJ moment there! *Wink wink* 

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Sourced Via Economic Times