Fluffles Waffles are now finally available in 3 more locations! Yay! 

Waffles are undeniably a crowd pleaser, whether you top ‘em up with Nutella, berries, ice cream or just have a simple maple syrup-slathered one, they’re the perfect guilty indulgence! Fluffles, The Fluffy Waffle Co., had recently introduced a new-age waffle which has fluffy waffle bubbles on the surface, unlike the usual ones which are basically pancakes with abs! 

Fluffles’ waffles up till now were exclusively available at Doner Grill, but now they’re up for grabs in 3 more locations! Which are - all Doner Grill outlets in Defence Colony, DLF Place, Saket and Punjabi Bagh! 

Their waffles come with a variety of toppings like bananas, Nutella (but of course!), ice cream, caramel, popcorn, berries and coconut shavings, plus lots more options! This city is being taken over by waffles and here’s another one added to the list. Come get ‘em!

Price For A Waffle | Rs 150
Where | Doner Grill Outlets In GK, DLF Place, Saket, Def Col & Punjabi Bagh
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/fluffleswaffle/