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FLAT 50% Off For A Whole Year To The 1st 100 Customers Who Land Up @ Pappa Roti TODAY!

PappaRoti was first launched in Malaysia in 2003 and finally after opening outlets all over the globe, they’ve sauntered over to DLF Cyber Hub in GGN! YAS! And guess what, they’ve got a crazy deal in mind for those of you who’re looking at trying their super delicious and soft buns right now. 

Crazy Deal Goin’ Down | Super simple and awesome, they’ve got a deal for all those enthu-cutlets who love checking out new places ‘cause they’re giving FLAT 50% off for a year to the first 100 customers who visit the outlet. The launch is today, the 18th of December, so head on over right away before you miss out on the deal! 

Serving the best quality buns you’ve ever had, the chefs at PappaRoti believe in whipping up buns that are super fresh, soft and all out delicious! Completely patient when it comes to the art of bun making, these guys make sure that their dough gets at least 5 hours of rest before they bake it *woah*. 

So go ahead and gorge on some yummy buns AND make the most of this crazy deal! 

Where | PappaRoti - DLF Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
When | Today, 18th December 
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