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Firmly Re-Setting Our Moral Compasses, Speed The Plow's a Play You Need to See

We've all got our own moral sense that we're guided by, but often, we're oblivious of what's happening and exactly when we've crossed a line. The play Speed-the-Plow revolves around this and whether money is the single driving force behind all this or if art still matters!

It's a play by Sri Venkateshwara College's dramatics society, Verbum, that'll revolve around 2 senior film industry producers of whom one becomes the CEO and struggles and ruminates about whether to stick to the methods that've got him so far or just listen to his instinct. 

Intriguing stuff, isn't it? Go get your dose of culture!

Where | LGT Auditorium, Mandi House
When | 4th - 5th April
Timings | 7 PM Onwards
Entry | Rs 200 - 300