Dilli Glutton

Find Drunken Cupcakes, Cinnamon Brownie Mousse Jars & More @ Mad Batter

Would you prefer a sinful helping of Apple Rum Mousse or an Alcoholic Bailey's jar? Well the Mad Batter has this and oh, so many more yummy treats to offer!

From Drunken Cupcakes to Cinnamon Brownie Mousse Jars to Choco Coffee Kicks, their menu is as enticing as it gets. This home baker is definitely whipping up a storm and is giving us that much needed boozy kick in a delicious manner.

We being a sucker for liquor desserts plan on ordering up right away cause there's pre-ordering required and we need it asap! Their dessert jars on an average cost around Rs 210 and their cakes start from Rs 1,200.

They're Located Here | 10, DLF Farms, Chattarpur
Call Them Up | +91 11 3310 7556
Here's Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/madbatterdelhi/?fref=ts