So Delhi

Finally! Delhi Heralds The Arrival of the Much Awaited Masala Library By Jiggs Kalra

If you've been to Mumbai, you know what the craze is all about! Mustering India's diverse traditional fare and adding a modern twist to it by incorporating molecular gastronomy, Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra has finally opened it's doors in the capital!

And you guys need to be way more thrilled for its Delhi outlet as Jiggs Kalra has revamped the former menu even further, keeping only the signature dishes constant.

Taking you on a gastronomical voyage like none other, Masala Library has been launched but will be open to the public post the 18th of July, so set aside a date for it and we'll also keep you updated on their delightful offerings!

Where It's Opened Up | Janpath Road, Adjacent to Le Meridien Hotel