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Fashion Talk With The Dapper Men - Aksheev Puri & Harman Sandhu

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."  So said Mark Twain and these two dapper men from Delhi. Following fashion and making a statement right from their school days, Harman & Aksheev decided to inspire other men as well to create a style of their own through their blog Dapper Square. We chat with these two suave men to know more about them and what’s in vogue for the men in Delhi.

What was the main inspiration behind conceptualizing Dapper Square?

Being fashionable and stylish from school days and having that passion towards wearing the best clothes is actually what made us think of turning our passion into the work we should do. Seeing men in India not bothered about their dressing style, bothered us. We wanted to make men aware about how being well dressed can drastically change the personality of a person. 

Which Delhi-based fashion designers do you admire the most? Why?

Sahil Aneja is one designer whose designs are a class apart. We love how the clothing is so trendy. We personally are influenced by the fashion coming from the European countries and Sahil’s designs are very similar to that.

3 must-haves according to you every guy in Delhi must have in his wardrobe?

Two white dress shirts and a pair of denims. 

What according to makes Delhi, ‘So Delhi’?

The place, the people, the food is what makes Delhi, ‘So Delhi’. Staying in Delhi is a different feeling altogether. One has to stay here to feel it. 

Street wear fashion is still an unexplored territory in terms of men’s fashion. Any comments?

Our blog is a great example of how even things from a flea market can look great on you. It is just how you carry that particular outfit! Street fashion is what you need to put your hands on first before you try on the top brands. 

Any advice to the men who don’t follow trends and who think dressing up is not their cup of tea?

Dressing well is nothing too difficult for anyone to do, it's just a matter of putting small efforts into your daily wear clothing. You may not be following a trend but you certainly should have your own style, and that style means putting together a good outfit every single day. 

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