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Fall Of The Big Fat Indian Wedding: There's A Bill Proposing Limit On No. Of Guests & Dishes

Guys, it’s time to bid goodbye to the idea of ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’! Lok Sabha is all set and ready to launch a Bill that’ll keep a check on the extravagance of your wedding functions and will limit your entire wedding expenditure, unless you’re ready to donate a lump sum amount to charity!

A limit will be put on the number of guests that can be invited at a wedding, plus a check will be kept on the number of dishes served at the function too, to curb gaudy ‘shows of wealth’. If a family spends above Rs 5 lakhs on a wedding, it has to contribute 10 per cent of the entire amount for marriages of girls from poor families, according to this Bill. The purpose of this Bill is to prohibit extravagant and wasteful expenditure on marriages and to enforce simpler celebrations, and we’re all for it! 

Well, let’s see how this fares out to be!

Sourced Via The Economic Times