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Exploring the Varied Realms of Literature at Bahrisons Booksellers, Saket

In the world of book stores in Delhi, Bahrisons is already a famous name amongst the literary enthusiasts and the hoi polloi. The most recognised location of the store is, undoubtedly, Khan Market, which is also the main branch of the store. But, not many people know about the profound collection of literary texts that there is in the Saket branch of the store and the pleasant experience an individual could have over there. So we decided to head over to Saket and visit this wonderful book store for, and by, ourselves, and here’s what our experience was.

The Collection

The very first thing you get to experience at the store is the warm welcome you get, by the staff and the texts. You take your very first step into the store and the first few things you witness are a myriad of books, arranged orderly on distinct shelves and the innumerable rows of such shelves that the store boasts of. As you move further, you can recognise the friendly faces of Lord of the Rings, Thing Explainer, Don Quixote, Mary Shelley and the all-too-famous Penguin Classics. All this in the first section of the store!
Moving along the aisles, you can notice the illustrated editions of the Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata and other legendary mythological texts. This section is a haven for the mythology lovers, seekers of children’s literature and for the people who have a penchant for history - the first few sections are filled with historical texts and treatises on history, which are bound to catch your eye and appeal to your heart. Not only this, the place boasts of works of the almost every genre, be it fiction, non-fiction, dietary or academic texts. But here’s what particularly caught our eye: comics!

Yes, you read that right. The place is the ideal abode for every comic book lover, and a lot of comic book fans would agree with the fact that there are not many places in Delhi where you can buy comics, and these are certainly not easy to find in those places. But this, folks, is your go-to place to buy certified comics, and the list is huge. Inter alia, some of the comics that piqued our attention were mangas, to wit, Naruto; comics by Marvel and DC, scilicet, The Ultimate Spider-Man, Astonishing X-Men, Batman, The Dark Knight Returns, Flashpoint, Superman/Batman; and the iconic comic works on the Greek gods.

To fortify their collection of comics, the store is also rich in comics written by Indian authors. The store is an ideal choice for anyone who loves to read, explore new genres, and whosoever has ever longed to read an original work of comic, can certainly quench their thirst here.

The Demeanour of The Staff

It gives us much pleasure to certify that the staff at Bahrisons is affable, knowledgeable, polite and really sweet. They attended to all our queries in a polite manner; they had adequate knowledge about the texts and even suggested other texts to us based on our interests. They were cognisant of the collection, including the names of the authors and texts, and were eager to address our questions. Let’s just say that if you visit Bahrisons and end up having a nice, long chat with one of the staff members about your interests and favourite texts, we will not be surprised at all.

What Appealed Most to Our Inner Book Worm

The place has much to offer in terms of literature, with certain texts that stood out and shone bright with their own luminescence! The store has got plenty of texts that are not too easily found in the other book stores, so seriously - check them out.

What did we tell you? The place is the go-to place for every literary enthusiast. With their big-ass (Gulliver’s Travels, anyone?) assemblage, amicable staff and the iconic ambience of a book store, the place is sure to assuage your thirst for literature. 

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Call Them | +91 11 4615 2700
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| Monday to Sunday, 11 AM - 9 PM