Explore The Many Layers of African Literature With Bring Your Own Book's African Literature Meet

So Delhi 25 Aug 2016

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A great part of our patriotism comes from the arduous past of our nation under colonialism. And it is quite justifiable; after all, our ancestors had to face dire conditions, be abject to abominable situations and our nation had been divided by the nefarious colonial rule. The ramifications of that colonisation continue to affect a lot of lives even today. Just like us, the continent of Africa has such a prolific history of colonisation that it is not easy to be neglectful to it and yet people often tend to not look at their history closely.

The Africans had to bear and endure a fate worse than ours; their conditions had been a lot different than the other colonies’ and their people remained divided for a period longer than what a lot of us know about. And that is exactly the reason why African literature is profoundly insightful and heart-rending. The varied authors talk about not only the colonial era and its atrocities, but also about the culture that the natives had, the knife of colonialism that had been wielded by the colonisers, the ghettos they had to live in, the slavery and the music of their souls. If you've ever read such an African text, then you'd know that it's not just about catharsis, it is about experiencing the past with the present and realising what a poignant contrast it all is.

But why are we talking about this? That’s because Bring Your Own Book (BYOB) Delhi is bringing to the people an African Literature Meet on Sunday, 28th of August at one of their member’s house. The meet’s bourne is to discuss an African text, and indulge in the motley emotions to try to bask in the texts; glory and be a part of it. Here's all you need to know!

What Exactly is This Event?

The event is a direct aim at reading and discussing an African text, that is to say, the text has to be by an African author, and be set in the African continent. As the organisers told us, the event is an attempt to broaden our reading horizons and get to know more about the struggles that the African people have had to face, and not just feel pity over the past, but to get edified through their texts. It's an event with a motive to expand knowledge about Africa and its people; their fights and their victories. 

We've all seen biopics and movies based on this theme, and yet we tend to be pigeon-holed at times, and BYOB is trying to get past this! The only rule is that it has to have an African origin. Believe us, people, the event will be educational and will tug at the heartstrings of every participant involved!

For Whom is The Event?

We are fellow victims of colonialism, and we all understand the plight of the African continent. There is no question that this event is for everyone. You do not have to be a bibliophile or be an ardent reader to attend this event; the meet is open to everyone. 

If you've ever felt a sting in your heart whenever you saw a pitiable person from Africa in the news, or from any place for that matter, then you should attend this meet. But not only that, if you feel inside you a wish, a burning curiosity to know more about the African continent; not only its history but also its current condition; not only its fights but also its voice; then the event is meant for you!

Why Should You be Interested?

African literature is different and yet relatable. Like we said, we've faced the plight of colonisation as well, albeit in different intensities and manners. So go to this event to know more about it, to listen to other people’s opinions, and to let out the angst you must have felt whenever you read such a text. You know it's true when we say African texts compel you to introspect and think about the society around you. It’s time to let out the intellectual within you, people.

To attend the event, all you have to do is register for it; and to do so, you just have to drop them an email stating that you will be attending the event, along with an image of the text that you will be bringing and your contact details. The request from organisers is that only register if you know you'll be attending the meet. But we urge you to think about the event and go for it. So whether it is Coetzee or Achebe or Angelou or Gordimer, all personas are invited for a perceptive discussion!

Email Them | [email protected]
When | Sunday, 28 August
Timings | 11 AM – 2 PM
Entry | Free
Location | Will be Shared Upon Registration