The ever-ready traveller in us is always on the lookout for unique unexplored gems where we can get some much-needed rejuvenation. And these guys at Not On Map offer EXACTLY that!

Eat, Drink & Sleep Like A Local | True to their name, Not On Map comes up with some of the most exotic locations which you wouldn’t be able to place on a map *wide grins*. For these awesome guys, travelling is a cultural exchange where you learn as much as teach others about your lifestyle and traditions.

And for such rich cultural exchanges, these guys give offer accommodations at local homes. After all, what can be a better way to learn about a place than from the locals who spend their lives there? Sounds like the perfect vacation, doesn’t it?!

So how do these guys function? They give you options of some very famous tourist locales in the country, like Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Goa, Assam and Ladakh but take you far away from the usual touristy sightseeing hotspots and hotels. They help you uncover exotic and hidden villages that will be far removed from anything you’ve experienced so far!

Chuck your usual hotel stays and come live a slice of India we bet you’ve never seen before!

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Here Are Some Pictures Of The Various Homestays They Offer!