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Experience North-East India Under One Roof at the Don Bosco Centre For Indigenous Cultures Museum

North-East India has always been revered for its rich cultural heritage. You would think that all the culture and history could not possibly fit into any old museum. Well, the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures is no ordinary museum; a seven story behemoth, Don Bosco Centre does justice to the storied culture of the region.

The centre lives up to its motto of- ‘Experience North-East India Under One Roof!’ with a unique exhibition of cultural artefacts and paintings. The artefacts are very carefully and thematically arranged from floor to floor to perfectly capture the essence of the North-East.

The complex also houses a huge library which has a specialised collection of works connected with the North-Eastern culture. It also consists of a numerous in-house publications by the Don Bosco centre, further adding to the treasure trove of knowledge that is the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures. 

A cultural paradise taking pride in the heritage and tradition of the North-East, the centre truly is a world class museum!

Location | Don Bosco Centre For Indigenous Cultures, Mawlai