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Exercise Or Extra Fries? Extra Fries! Meet Potet, Delhi's Soon-To-Arrive Fries-Only Joint

Exercise or extra-fries? Extra fries all the way, of course! 

Let’s welcome Delhi’s new fries-only place, Potet that’s opening super soon and our potato hearts are doing a 'lil jiggy already! Very soon, Delhi will be blessed with a place that serves 13 varieties of only and only fries! Various varieties of them yes, but only scrumptious potato sticks. YUMM

Located in recently opened The Junction, they’re all set to serve this crowd favourite in many different preparation styles. Plus, they’ve got desserts that are fries too guys *omg omg*! They’ve got two exclusive sweet fries flavours and we’re super excited to go try these out.

We know what our Fries-Yay fatty indulgence is going to be once Potet opens it’s doors! 

Where | CSC Complex, Hauz Khas
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