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#EnvironmentFirst: Hunt & Howe's Collection Is Actually Insect-Repellant & Comes Rolled Up With Twill Tape!

We do our bit for the Earth Hour, and we’re hoping you do too! But that’s not the end of it - it’s merely a tiny move towards a larger cause and there are a zillion other ways to help! We came across this bloody *AWESOME* innovation in clothing and it’s just the kind of #EnvironmentFriendly indulgence we’d recommend everyone to make.

Check This Out | Hunt & Howe’s line of clothing is innovation and goodwill incarnate! They have tried to come out with little measures to make a difference in their own way. At a time when the world (and especially Delhi) is grappling with pesky mosquito-borne epidemics, they have just the means to help you (and your loved ones) keep them pests at bay! *WHAAA*

They recently introduced Insect-Repellent or Mosquito-Repellent Clothing which was created with the use of Permethrin that knocks down mosquitoes, flies and even ticks! *For Real* This special chemical is EPA approved and does a fine job of disabling all insects that it comes into contact with. But you know what’s even better? Their packaging! They deliver their garments rolled up in twill tape and recycled cloth-bags! Awesome.

Kudos to Hunt & Howe for coming up with this project and we’re surely rooting for them all the way. Go check ‘em out online and take them out for a spin!

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