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Everything For 99 Bucks? No We're Not Kidding, Head To Cafe 27, Kailash Colony NOW!

Known as a place with a very relaxing ambience, with sofas to sink into and bar chairs for the not-so-lazy couch potatoes, live music and a beautiful terrace view, Cafe 27, located in Kailash Colony Market makes for an absolutely perfect chilling place!

Besides all the positives that this place has to offer, it’s also planning to win several more hearts with a superbly crazy and amazing deal they have for you guys to steal away!

They believe we’ve all got 99 problems but *Chillin* ain’t one of them so they’ve come up with a stunning menu that we just can’t stop admiring!

Right At Your Service | Offering everything for 99 bucks - from starters, main course, desserts, liquor and hookah, they’re totally game on keeping our tummies and pockets happy! Fill your plates with Masala Maggi, Nachos, Hummus Pita, Chilli Chicken, pizzas, pastas, burgers and cocktails, mocktails, and delicious desserts along with a smokin’ hot hookah, this 99 menu is a total win-win for all you patrons.

Head over immediately and enjoy your feastful day!

P.S - They have Live Sufi on Fridays and Saturdays, and Ladies Night on Sundays! Yay!

When | 12 Noon-5 PM Every Day
Where | Kailash Colony Market 
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