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Ever Seen The Amazing Race? You Can Play It Out IRL @ North Delhi Treasure Hunt This Friyay!

How many of you have seen the show The Amazing Race on TV? Now it’s time to get our very own Amazing Race in apna North Delhi! 

The North Delhi Treasure Hunt is all set to be one of the craziest events ever and we just can’t wait to take part in it! If you think you know North Campus like the back of your hand, it’s time you pass this test. So roam about in those Tuk Tuks while performing some fun tasks and see if you know every nook and corner, because this Treasure Hunt is gonna be pretty awesome! 

MYOLO and CoHo have organised this one-of-a-kind race and they’ve got some cool restaurants on boards too! Sign up to find out more y’all.

When | Friday, 24th March
Where | North Campus
Entry | Rs 299
Register Online Here |
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