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Ever Fancied Having A Conversation With Blindfolds On? InkWeaver's Secret Talks 3.0 Sounds So Cool!

Calling out to all the introverts once again, there’s a 3rd edition of the much-talked-about event - Secret Talks that’s happening and it sounds just so cool y’all!

organises some pretty awesome events and Secret Talks is all about having conversations with strangers with - get this - blindfolds on! Sounds pretty cray right? For once, you’ll get to have a deep, meaningful conversation with someone without being judged at all. 

We all have a handful of close people in our lives, but still there come days when we can’t open up to anyone and speak our hearts out. Hence, Secret Talks is here to free you from that misery! Have a lively conversation, with someone who you know nothing about.

Come along and let words speak louder than your physical appearance and watch the magic unfold!

When | Sunday, 26th February
Where | Lodhi Garden 
Entry | Rs 200
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